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About Us

Vintage Kegney Brothers

Kegney Brothers is a neighborhood pub for locals and travelers alike.  We invite you and yours to join us in the honored traditions of making merry, laughing loudly, dancing jigs, creating memories and celebrating all of our cultures that combine to make Downtown Lynchburg a great place to be! We, together, will create the future of Downtown Lynchburg as we celebrate our city’s rich history.

Our Kegney ancestors hailed from County Cork. Thomas Kegney was born in 1783. Like many of his Irish brethren he settled in America.  Thomas Kegney was drawn to Central Virginia through his trade as a stonemason. He contributed to the construction of the James River Canal which provided an important route for commerce from Lynchburg to Richmond. Throughout the 1800s many Irish families formed neighborhoods in Lynchburg. The original Kegney Brothers was established in the mid-1800s at 405 12th Street as a neighborhood vendor of various general goods.

Michael Thomas Kegney arrived in Central Virginia with his parents. In 1878, at the age of thirty, he married a fine lass named Maria (Mah-rye-ha) Donahoe.  They had seven children including Mary Agnes Kegney born in 1880.  The Kegney family made their home on the two floors above their family business. In 1879 the city of Lynchburg granted a liquor license to Kegney Brothers. By the early 1900s Kegney Brothers was one of more than thirty “saloons” in Lynchburg. Mary Agnes Kegney wed a lad named William Dunnigan Morrison.  Luckily for all of us they had one child. Our grandmother, Margaret Cecelia Morrison, was born in 1906 in the Kegney home. The family tradition of creating a community gathering spot for good times and good cheer in Lynchburg also extends to the Morrison kin who welcomed patrons to the Morrison saloon at 6th and Main Street.

Over the years we listened to many a family story.  It seems all Irish folks are born with a passion for history, or so we were told!  Our grandmother passed down many photographs of our families, the saloons, their patrons and life over the many decades in Lynchburg. Other treasures include the 1879 liquor license, a Kegney Brothers whiskey label and many mementos that share the Irish experience in Lynchburg.

Enjoy the traditions of hospitality and kinship at Kegney Brothers Pub – a true public house in Downtown Lynchburg! Celebrate a bit o’ history with us as we honor our Irish and Virginian roots!

Come enjoy pub dining, a vintage-style custom bar and a spacious patty’o overlooking the James River near the Bluffwalk entrance at 12th and Commerce Streets.


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